200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Just One Weekend A Month For 8 Months!


Supreme Peace Yoga Teacher Training is an 8-month journey for yoga practitioners interested in living and teaching in this big, messy world in a way that is authentic and wholehearted. If you’re willing to learn to look into your life and the world around you and shine light on all the beautiful, broken, shiny, and tarnished places, then you’re in the right place!

2019 Training Dates


10/13 (Graduation Day)*

*Students who have satisfactorily completed all training requirements will be eligible for graduation on this date.

2019 Training Schedule

One weekend a month:

Fridays: 5:30pm-9:00pm

Saturdays: 9:00am-7:00pm

Sundays: 11:00am-6:00pm


Additional Training Times:

Chakra Series: Wednesday nights 7:30pm-9:30pm 6/26/19-8/14/19


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A limited number of work study positions are available for serious, dedicated yogis. Click here for an application.

Tuition payment includes these tangible items:

  • Application

  • Testing fees

  • All other contact hours associated with the training over $416

  • Electronic course materials.

  • An unlimited yoga pass at Supreme Peace Yoga good from February 8, 2019-September 15, 2019 valued at $792

  • Chakra Explorations Workshop $245

  • Arm Balance Play Shop $120

  • Group photos

  • A 200-hour certificate recognized by the Yoga Alliance (for all students completing all coursework)

  • Membership to a private Facebook group where you receive support and feedback from your fellow trainees and instructors on homework or practice questions. – $800

Purchased separately, all of this would cost over $6447. 

As a part of the Yoga Teacher Training, you can get all of this and more for less than the price of a Yoga class at $12.98/hour. 

That’s a savings of over 48%!

Tuition does not cover: the cost of additional books that will be used as required reading text, your Yoga Alliance Registration, or Liability Insurance.


How To Get Started

Step 1: Pay the $300 deposit.

This confirms your commitment and reserves your space in the training.


Step 2: Complete the application.

Don't worry. It's nothing scary. It's just to get to know you a little better and make sure this school is the perfect one for you.


Step 3: Get to know one another.

If we haven’t already spoken, I’ll schedule a brief phone call, so we can get to know one another and make sure this is a good fit. If, for any reason, we decide not to move forward together, your deposit will be refunded.


Step  4: Payment

You can pay the tuition in full for a discount, or split it into monthly or bi-weekly automatic payments. The first payment is due before  1/25/19.

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Step 5: Check your email. 

After your payment is received,  I’ll send you all the information you’ll need to prepare for our time together. 

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jodie at info@supreme-peace-yoga.com.

Meet Your Instructor

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In addition to being a yogi, I'm also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in working with survivors of trauma. I found yoga during a particularly stressful patch of my career . One of the primary ethical imperatives as a caregiver --whether you're a social worker, parent, teacher, or EMT---is that you first take care of yourself; otherwise, you're no good to anyone you serve. 

The beauty of yoga is, it's universally beneficial. Not only did it help me take care  of myself,  after going through yoga teacher training, it helped me improve the services I provided by integrating yoga into my work with clients and sharing it with my co-workers to create a healthier work environment. 

It's very important to me that yoga is accessible to all, so in this training, we explore a student-centered style of yoga that empowers our students.  In addition to learning to teach in a classroom setting, we will learn to incorporate yogic practices into  our lives and careers in a way that promotes our personal growth and shares the benefits of yoga with those around us.

If this piques your interest, I hope you'll join me and the  dynamic team of guest teachers I have in store for our journey together. I always look forward to seeing who shows up for this adventure. It gets better every year!



The Supreme Peace Yoga Teacher Training program provides personalized training to a small group of dedicated yoga students. We explore a variety of yogic philosophies and practices during our training by, so you can find your own unique style of practice or teaching.

You’ll complete the program knowing what types of students you are passionate about teaching, and be skilled in empowering your students through customized yogic practices. This training is all about practicing yoga in a way that is responsive to the needs of each student, rather than cramming each person into a set yoga mold.

Together, we’ll tap into the courage that lies deep within you, whether you know it or not, so you can live a wholehearted life that is not only, peaceful and serene, but also fierce and powerful. We will explore the happenings in the world around us, and learn to take our yoga off the mat. Using our yogic practices, we will spread love and light, AND we will move beyond that to address pain and inequity in our communities because this is where true transformation lies.  

What if I don't want to teach yoga? No problem. This is a personal and spiritual development course. You'll learn as much, or more, about yourself, as you will about teaching yoga.

Supreme Peace Yoga provides a comprehensive, compassionate, experience of yogic learning in a peaceful, nurturing environment that lets you tap into your inner wisdom.


Congratulations on taking this transformational step in your journey! I'm thrilled and honored to be a part of it!
Feel free to contact us at info@supreme-peace-yoga.com or 502-536-8401 with any questions!