Reiki Training


FOUR CLASSES.  Join us for one, two, three - or all four!

Since completing Reiki training, it has given me such a peace in my daily life. I guess always know that I have it’s ability within me to call on it whenever I need it. Reiki helped me to become and know more of my true self. Thank you for your guidance.💗
— Jennifer F

Meet Your Instructor


Jodie Tingle-Willis LCSW, Reiki Master, 500-RYT

Reiki found me at exactly the right time in my life--a time of BREAKTHROUGH (which felt much like a BREAKDOWN). I had recently made the leap from full-time social work into my other healing passion-yoga, and we just found out my dad had cancer. The practice of self-Reiki kept me grounded and connected during this time in a way that my other healing practices weren't.

Combining the wisdom of Reiki with my yoga and therapy practices has been like giving them both a turbo-charge boost! While I LOVE 1:1 Reiki sessions, my passion is to get this knowledge into the "Reiki hands" of anyone wanting to feel empowered in their personal path to wholeness.



What's Included?

Reiki Training Level 1

Understand ways to promote health in your life and creative a deeper connection with the Divine.

Reiki Training Level 2

Develop an awareness of the chakra energy system and how to work with it using reiki energy

Reiki Training Level 3

Explore how using crystals can enhance the experience of reiki (including how to select, care for, and use crystals)

reiki master training

Receive your Master attunement, and learn how to attune others to reiki, which enables you to teach

Commit to taking all four classes and save $150 on your certification!

Reiki awakens you—an opening to the energy within you, around you, of others, and especially from a Divine source. With each class, I saw a change in my thoughts and patterns of my energy. I now feel the energy surrounding me and radiating out into the world around me. Reiki has awakened me to the Divine within me and to see the Divine within all others.
— Bruce F
Reiki training has been an important piece of my path in this life. I am drawn to help and heal. I can’t say exactly how I will put these gifts and knowledge into practice but the calling is even more strong and clear that I need to be light in my family and our community. Thanks to Jodi, Katy, Betsy and all the wonderful folks who shared the vision and love in these classes.
— Carrie P
After taking your Reiki I class, I moved to Portland, Oregon. I wanted to express my gratitude for the depth, intention, and amount of your self you put into the class. I had such a powerful experience and it impacted me in so many ways. My husband said that I seemed more grounded and zen afterward than he had ever seen me. I felt that I had found something I’d been searching for for a long time. Thank you so much. I ended up taking a Reiki II class out here that actually bummed me out — my expectations were set so high from your class! I’m hopeful I’ll find some guidance or community that speaks to me here so that I can continue to grow.


early bird rate $125.00 

By 4/26/19

After $150 / Per person


Reiki I training objectives:

  • Be inspired by Reiki history

  • Promote health in your life

  • Deepen your connection with the Divine

  • Experience grounding and centering techniques to assist in the flow of Reiki energy

  • Learn to use a pendulum to make assessment in Reiki sessions

  • Feel confident in your skills with hands on practice

Once you leave Reiki I training, you will immediately be able to provide yourself with Reiki, as well as, share it with others. 


early bird rate $125.00

By 4/27/19

After $150  / Per Person


Reiki II training objectives:

  • Deepen your understanding of channeling Reiki energy;

  • Develop an awareness of the Chakra system and how to work with it using Reiki

  • Learn how Reiki can support emotional well-being

  • Use Reiki to release old thoughts and emotions are held your body

  • Learn to trust and enhance your intuition

  • Discover how you can use reiki to bring healing to other areas of your life (i.e. your home, pets, food, etc…).


early bird rate $125.00

by 6/22/19

After $150 / Per Person


Reiki III training objectives:

  • Learn to send Reiki across distances

  • Send Reiki into the past and the future

  • Discover vibrational healing through chanting mantra

  • Enhance Reiki with crystals

  • Gain skills to teach your client self-healing techniques such as meditation and mantra

  • Develop/deepen your understanding of the use of affirmations and Law of Attraction to create your best life, and to teach your Reiki clients to do the same.


early bird rate $175

by 7/20/19

after $200/ PER PERSON


Reiki Master objectives:

  • Experience the power of group Reiki

  • Discover the importance of the exchange of energy when doing Reiki

  • Receive your Master attunement, and learn how to attune others to Reiki


We recognize the significance of completing your Reiki Master, and want to honor that. Students who complete all four levels of the Reiki training will be invited to a special ceremony and graduation.

Katy made my Reiki Master training extremely comfortable and enjoyable! I never felt put on the spot or out of place during the course, because Katy was very encouraging and laid back with her approach. Every workshop and class at Supreme Peace has a sense of community, no matter the teacher and no matter who is in the group. It is a place I feel at home and safe, always. I am so happy I completed my Reiki training here, and I am so excited to share it with the world!
— Samantha S



We offer this training to you out of a deep sense of love for you (and all our fellow humans). We believe the more people who are using Reiki, the more healed and whole our planet will be. We have experienced profound healing ourselves through Reiki, and are grateful to be able to share this knowledge with you. Love and Light, Jodie

Feel free to contact us at or 502-536-8401

Love and Light,