I love Supreme Peace Yoga and it’s instructors. I enjoy the community and family I have gained at this studio. I am grateful to have the guidance and support from this wonderful staff. Thank you for your loving support in my yoga journey. Love and Om.
— Gigi S. Louisville

I have enjoyed the beginner’s yoga class. It really helped me in terms of understanding the poses. I was very anxious when I started yoga and worried about embarrassing myself. The staff made me feel very welcome and were very patient and helpful. I’ve had a great experience as a beginner and plan to continue my practice. Hillary and Beth are great instructors and helped tremendously!
— Mylea

Mallory was wonderful leading our prenatal yoga class! She did a great job engaging and encouraging us to trust in ourselves and to enjoy the experience in its entirety. I’m looking forward to our sessions together :)
— Samantha E.

Reiki with Betsy was awesome! My second session and this will definitely become a monthly thing for me. As a police officer with a high stress career, it’s a blessing to know someone with this gift and passion. It’s sort of like a relaxing reset button. I highly recommend her!
— Lamont W.

Such a welcoming and soothing environment. So glad Southwest Louisville has this great yoga studio. Classes for all levels too.
— Kathleen L.

Jodi is absolutely wonderful. Such a calm and peaceful personality. She seamlessly makes modifications for each student without interrupting class; making sure everyone is comfortable and safe. My Sunday gentle yoga mornings are coveted and I wish they were much more frequent!
— Meghan F.

Great Hatha class this week. Jodie made me feel comfortable stretching my comfort level and boundaries (no pun intended). She created a safe space for me to try poses without making me worry if I was going to “get it” right away. Her instruction guided me through the poses to be sure my practice was safe, but challenging.
— Lisa M. Louisville, KY USA

I started with Supreme Peace after being away from my practice for a few years. Jodie made me feel right at home and welcomed from day 1. Her meditations are relevant each and every class and at times it’s as if the meditation is meant just for me. She presents the postures with attention to all levels of yogi in class providing guidance where needed and challenge where wanted. We have even shared a laugh or two when postures have not gone as I had planned! Jodie is absolutely warm and wonderful and I am glad to practice under her guidance.
— Joyce C. KY USA
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