200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Supreme Peace Yoga Teacher Training is an 8-month journey for yoga practitioners interested in living and teaching in this big, messy world in a way that is authentic and wholehearted. If you’re willing to learn to look into your life and the world around you and shine light on all the beautiful, broken, shiny, and tarnished places, then you’re in the right place!.


Reiki Training

We all have the capacity to cultivate our awareness of this connection and deepen it. Some people worry that others will not experience heat, visions, etc…. while receiving Reiki. Reiki is experienced differently by different people.  No two Reiki practitioners are the same, and no two Reiki clients are the same. It is not as much about the experience, as it is the faith and knowledge that Reiki energy was flowing into this person, place, or situation. The energy is intelligent and knows what it needs to do.