What are we to do when life brings more questions than answers????

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I don't know about you, but when I'm overwhelmed by the questions and uncertainties in life, my natural inclination is to PUSH HARDER, do more, and get busy......all the things I know to be unhelpful in the end.

As a yoga teacher, I practice what I need, and today was no different. I woke up reeling with all the decisions I needed to make. While still in bed, I started planning all the possible options to each scenario rolling around in my brain until I was dizzy by the time my feet hit the floor. 


Then I remembered last week's message from the Ajna Chakra (the chakra that governs our intuition and vision for our life) that reminds us to listen for  our intuition. Working harder and faster only shoves that quiet voice further into the background. 

Despite my ever-growing to-list list, I decided to take some time today to listen.......to listen for the answers I was seeking rather chasing them down  and AWAY.

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I went to one of my favorite places in town to walk a labyrinth (I can't wait for ours to be filled in!)

When I stepped onto the path, I was overwhelmed by the burdens I'd been trying to muscle my way through and tears filled my eyes with the immediate knowing I don't have to do it alone. (No matter how many times I "re-learn" this lesson, it still seems to creep up from time to time.)

The path of the labyrinth symbolizes our inner and outer journey back to Source. I realized as I was walking I was arguing, rationalizing, and bargaining with myself and the Divine. So....at each corner, I paused.......took a DEEP BREATH......and opened up to receive rather than struggle. As I did so, I felt some of the layers of strain slipping away. 

After releasing the need to wrangle my way through these questions, I began to really SEE what was in front of me--things I hadn't been able to witness when I was busy debating with myself and the Divine. There were tiny white, yellow, and pink flowers mixed in the grass along the path. They were the most beautiful part of the path, and I'd been missing them up until this point. 

When I entered the center of the labyrinth--the space that symbolizes connection with the Divine--inside and out, I realized these plants--ones often considered weeds and pests--are much like the decisions, trials, and tribulations in my daily life. I can choose to fight and attempt to eradicate them, or if I slow down, I can choose to see the beauty in and hear the messages they have for me.

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My yoga practices don't take troubles from me, but when I stick with them, they allow me a sense of peace, wonder, and joy even in the midst of challenges.

Did I walk out of the labyrinth today trouble-free? NO

Did I walk out with a sense of peace? HELL YES!

I left the labyrinth with the message to FLOW WITH rather than force life.

If you're ready to step into the FLOW and out of the exhausting battle of forcing your way through life, check out a fun and unique way to tap into intuition on a daily/nightly basis below.

How has your yoga practice helped you see the beauty in your trials and tribulations?

I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line at info@supremepeaceyoga.com and let me know.

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